Bay Area Lead Limits

There are multiple government agencies that regulate lead limits in homes (i.e. dust), water, soil, and air.

Know for sure what you are drinking: test today if you have any concern.

These agencies are:

EPA Hazard Standards for Lead in Paint Dust and Soil TSCA Section 403

Cal/OSHA – Title 8

OSHA – Standards- 29CFR

Here’s a compiled list:

The City of San Francisco Building Department has additional lead dust rules.

XRF Analysis Tool <1.0 cm²
Lead Dust Wipes
Interior Floor Surface< 40 µg/ft.²
 Interior Horizontal Window Surfaces < 250 µg/ft.²
 Interior Window Trough < 400 µg/ft.²
 Exterior Horizontal Surfaces < 400 µg/ft.²
 Lead Soil

In Children’s Playground

< 400 µg/ft.²
Not in Children’s Playground 
< 1000 µg/ft.²
 Lead in Water<15 ppb or <15.0 µg/L