How to Launder Clothing with Settled Mold Spores


If there is visible discoloration or mold growth on a cloth item, it should be discarded or professionally cleaned by a mold remediation company.

  1. Wash load for three complete cycles.
  2. Use regular detergent combined with a small amount of bleach.
  3. Use the highest water possible.
  4. After three cycles, wipe down the interior of the washing machine bin with a baby wipe or a Lysol- type of wipe.
  5. Dry laundered items. During the drying cycle check the lint filter frequently. Clean it out and replace. Keep drying until the lint filter can’t collect any more lint.
  6. Smell the items. If they are moldy smelling, they need to be discarded and replaced. If the items have a high monetary or sentimental value please contact a professional mold remediation company before discarding

How to Save a Child’s Stuffed Animal

  1. Open a seam (or other) of the fabric and remove all stuffing. Do this work outside on a windy day. You want the mold spores to blow away and not settle in your house or up your nose.
  2. Throw the stuffing away sealed in a plastic bag.
  3. Follow the instructions above to wash the fabric.
  4. Restuff and smell.