What Is Mold Remediation?


Mold remediation is the process of safely removing toxic molds and fixing the sources of the water intrusions that caused the mold growth. 

Proper mold remediation is done by trained workers appropriately clothed with mask. Correctly installed and functioning engineering controls. Ducting is well sealed. Descent electrical wiring for machinery along with correctly installed lights.

The Wrong Way


THE LEAKS HAVE TO BE FIXED FIRST. There is nothing in a bottle or a fogger that stops mold growth. All that is happening here is the discoloration on the wood is being bleached. However, the water content from the bleach will feed the micro-sized mold spores remaining on the wood. And the mold will grow again – this worker is basically feeding the mold.

The worker is at risk as he has on the wrong mask and clothing. No containment is being used so all those disturbed mold spores are now traveling through the entire building.

Yes, this is cheap. Yes, you probably will have to do this project over the right way; especially is you have health challenges from mold. Or children.