Take Your Own Mold Samples

Do you want to take your own mold tape lift samples?

Taking a tape lift mold sample is a quick, inexpensive, reliable way to determine if you have a mold problem.

Here are some things you should know about accepting these types of samples including instructions for proper acceptance of client supplied mold tape lift samples. Client-supplied samples are much cheaper than an onsite visit; however there are drawbacks. One is that this sample will not tell you the source of the water intrusion causing the growth. Most of all you won’t know the extent of spore contamination. If you don’t fix the water leaks or sources of water, there is a high degree of probability that the mold will return.

You should not use the client supplied mold sample in a court case because you can’t prove that the sample you took was from the mold that is the source of your complaints. It’s called a Chain of Custody. Your attorney can advise your further.

A tape lift sample will tell you if you have mold growth in the discoloration where you took the sample. It can’t tell you the source or location of the mold growth or how to fix it.

To take a successful mold tape lift sample, carefully follow these directions.

  • Turn a zip‐lock sandwich bag inside out.
  • Tear off a piece of clear (not frosted) scotch tape approximately the length of your pinky finger.
  • Fold a tab on the strip of tape to enable pulling the tape off sampled surface.
  • Take the piece of tape and press lightly against the discoloration to cover as much of the tape as possible. Be sure you can see through the probable mold on the tape. If not, take another sample. Press LIGHTLY.
  • Place the tape as flat as possible onto the inside‐out zip‐lock sandwich bag.
  • Fold the zip‐lock baggie right‐side‐out and seal the grooved top.
  • Label the zip‐lock baggie with a Sharpie indicating both the date and the location of the sample.
  • If possible, also photograph the area of the sample and submit it with your sample.

The total price for 1 sample and report is $125. Any additional samples cost $75 each.
Please sign the Client Supplied Mold Tape Lift Sample Agreement and enclose with payment, a photo if possible of where you took the sampleMail the samples to:

American Air Testing
PO Box 12479
San Francisco, CA 94112

Results should be received three business days after receipt of the sample. Please call or email and let us know when the sample has been mailed or delivered. Your results will be emailed to you.